Pre-K - Grade 6

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Allelu Pre-School Program

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Who:          Children ages 4 & 5

When:        Fall & Spring Sessions

                   Sundays During 11:30 am Mass

Allelu! is a brand-new, early childhood program with innovations that make it easy to engage every child and build his/her faith! Created by expert catechists and a child psychologist, Allelu! delivers a unique, multisensory experience that is manageable for any catechist—without extensive facility requirements or expensive training sessions.

Within this framework, the goals of Allelu! are to:

  • Teach young children about our Catholic faith.
  • Familiarize children with the Catholic sacraments, liturgical rituals, symbols, and seasons.
  • Help form children’s moral lives, standards and values.
  • Teach children how to pray.
  • Give children the words and tools they need to talk about God.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

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Who:          Children in grades 1-4

When:        Most Sundays

                   During 11:30 am Mass

Children's Liturgy of the Word is offered during the Sunday, 11:30 am Mass.  It is intended for children in grades 1 through 4.  After the opening prayer, the children are invited by the priest to follow the Prayer Leader (Catechist) to the AV Room, where they hear the Sunday readings in words they are better able to understand.  They return to the congregation after the Creed.

Family Formation

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Who:          Families with children in grades 1-5

A Family of Faith helps develop strong Catholic families in which children learn the joys of following Jesus Christ and the truths of our Faith through the witness of Christian life given by their parents. Studies tell us that parental involvement in the faith-life of their child is by far the most important element in ensuring that a child develops into a practicing Christian. A Family of Faith provides both the parish catechist and the parent with an easy-to-use solution to catechizing the whole family and helping parents lead their children to Heaven.